TOWN CLERK, CCM, Registrar, Deputy Tax Collector: Corinne Michaud

Since March of 2018, Corinne (please call her ‘Cori’) has been navigating the ropes of the role of Town Clerk, and enjoying the journey, as well as getting to know the community. Her duties include administration of elections, town and vital records maintenance, and assisting the good people of Warren in various municipal tasks. In 2019, Cori became a Notary, and in 2020, a Certified Town Clerk of Maine. Cori currently serves as a member on the Executive Board of the Maine Town and City Clerk’s Association.

In 2017 Cori and her husband, Brian moved back to Maine, settling in Cushing, by way of San Diego and Milwaukee.  To Cori and Brian, being back in Maine means “living the way life should be”.