TOWN CLERK - Corinne Michaud, CCM

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Appointments are REQUIRED to file for a Marriage License.  Please call 273-2421 to speak with the Town Clerk.
The Mission of the Town Clerk's office is to accurately maintain all town and vital records, conduct elections and voter registration, and issue licenses in accordance with Maine State Law, as well as to provide information to Town officials and the general public in a friendly and competent manner.  
Responsibilities & Services:
The Town Clerk's Department is a public service office that performs a wide variety of department functions and citizen services.  The department, under Maine State Statue requirements:
  • Serves as custodian of all official town records
  • Coordinates the administration of all Elections for the Town
  • Records and maintains all town vital statistic records (birth, death & marriage certificates) 
  • Issues licenses 
  • Develops the Annual Town Report
Additional duties per Town requirements
  • Vehicle Registrations
  • Recreational vehicle registrations and licensing through IF&W
  • Tax Collection