ANNOUNCEMENTS from the Cemetery Sexton


Riverview Cemetery is not going to be open to vehicle traffic until June 1 due to the wet conditions of the avenues.


4-9-2024 - Town of Warren Cemetery Lot Owners:

Please have all winter gravesite decorations removed from your lot(s) by Tuesday, April 30th. This will allow the mowing crew to get started in the cemeteries on Wednesday, May 1st. Thank you. 

Thank you!




Due to the wet spring weather, our cemetery avenues are very susceptible to damage from motor vehicles. Please do not drive into the cemeteries until the avenues open in May. If avenues become rutted, this may result in an extended closure to motor vehicles while repair work fixes the issue. Thank you for your help in keeping our cemeteries accessible for all.



The Town of Warren has contracted with Thomas A. Stevens Cemetery Memorials company to clean, repair and reset gravestones/monuments within it's town-maintained cemeteries. The work will resume in the spring of 2024 starting in the Stirling and Sawyer Cemeteries. Please contact the Town Sexton in writing if you do not want to have this work done on your plot. 

Amanda Shelmerdine -