Cemetery Forms

The Town of Warren is implementing a cemetery monument and cornerstone permit required for all the town-maintained cemeteries. This is to ensure that monuments, headstones and cornerstones are installed in the correct locations and by licensed/insured professionals. Installation by lot owners is not permitted. Any installation company who plans on working in the Town of Warren cemeteries must have a copy of their certificate of liability insurance on file prior to instillation.  A Monument Installation Permit must be completed and paid for before any monument, gravestone, marker, cornerstone installation or foundation work is performed.

General Information

For information, or to purchase a cemetery plot, contact the Cemetery Sexton, Amanda Shelmerdine 207-975-6566.

The Town of Warren has 19 Cemeteries located all over Town.

Burial plots are available in the following cemeteries: Counce, Leonard, Pleasantville, Newcomb and Sawyer. Prices depend on lot size and include cornerstone markers and perpetual care for the lot.


Town of Warren Cemeteries

If anyone has documentation/receipts of plot purchases for a town maintained cemetery, please come to the town office with those documents so we can update our records.


You may also mail in copies of these documents to:

Town of Warren Sexton

167 Western Road

Warren, ME 04864

Thank you

Cleaning, Repairing & Resetting Gravestones & Monuments

The Town of Warren has contracted with Thomas A. Stevens Cemetery Memorials company to clean, repair and reset gravestones/monuments within it's town-maintained cemeteries. The work will resume in the spring of 2024 starting in the Stirling and Sawyer Cemeteries. Please contact the Town Sexton in writing if you do not want to have this work done on your plot.

Send correspondences to:

Town of Warren Sexton

167 Western Road

Warren, ME 04864


Thank you

Please Note:

  • Dogs are not permitted within the Town Cemeteries
  • Cemeteries are open dawn to dusk
  • Do not leave any trash in the cemeteries
  • Cemeteries are closed to vehicle traffic November 15 to May 15 and are accessible for walk-in foot traffic only
  • Please keep your vehicle on cemetery avenues and do not drive up on or turn around on gravesites

Veteran Memorial Flags

Did you know that the town of Warren provides Veteran memorial flag holders at no cost for families whose loved ones are buried within our town cemeteries? You may notice a change in our cemeteries this spring as the plastic memorial flag holders that the town has utilized for many years are now being replaced with sturdy aluminum ones. Funding for the new memorial flag holders came from our segregated cemeteries trust fund. This replacement will only be done for the plastic flag holders as the existing metal ones and historical flag holders will not be disturbed. 


In May, our local, Girl Scout, Boy Scout, Cub Scout and volunteers will then place the memorial flags in the new flag holders at all cemeteries prior to Memorial Day weekend. 


Peterborough Veterans Memorial Monument Dedication Ceremony

The Town of Warren held a Veterans memorial monument dedication ceremony at the Peterborough Cemetery on Saturday, October 28, 2024. The monument is dedicated to the Veterans from the Peterborough Community who served our country during the following conflicts: American Revolutionary War, Civil War, Spanish American War, World War I and the Korean War. There were over 70 attendees which included local and other Peters Family descendants from across the United States.

A reception was hosted following the ceremony at the Knox Museum in Thomaston. The Town of Warren is indebted to John Meyn, the cemetery’s benefactor, for his commitment and dedication to recognize and honor the Veterans of the Peterborough Community.

The Peterborough Cemetery is located on Bunker Hill Road in Warren, about 1.3 miles west from Rt. 1.

Blake Cemetery

Located in North Warren at the intersection of Rout 235 and Western Road. Post Cemetery is a privately owned cemetery located next to Blake Cemetery.

Evidence indicates it was used starting in the 1820's.

Counce Cemetery

Located in South Warren.  Directions:  Route 97 south from Route 1, about .2 mile, then turn west on gravel road about .2 mile to the cemetery on the right side of the road.  

The oldest stones date to the early 1830's.

Cushing Cemetery

Located on the west side of North Pond Road, about 1.6 miles north from Route 1.

Used from about the 1840's. 

May have been known as the Gerrish Cemetery at one time.

Fairview Cemetery

Located on the south side of the Patterson Mill Road, about .5 mile east of Route 131 and opposite from the intersection of the Highland Road.  A tomb is located near the west side.  The Newcomb Cemetery borders on the east and the granite bases for fence posts that probably were at one time between these two cemeteries are still visible.  

In use from about the middle 1800's. 

Has been previously been called the Dunbar Cemetery.

Leonard Cemetery

Located on the north side of the Patterson Mill Road, opposite from the Fairview cemetery.

Evidently in use from the early 1900's. 


Mt. Pleasant Cemetery

Located in East Warren.  From Route 90, turn north on Tolman Road about .1 mile to the cemetery on the left.  

In the past this was also called Bisbee, Starrett and Rabbit Town Cemetery.

This is a walk-in cemetery only; parking is available adjacent to the gated cemetery off Tolman Road.

Newcomb Cemetery

Located on the south side of Patterson Mill road about .5 mile east of Route 131 adjacent to the west side of the Fairview cemetery.

Founded in 1855 as the Union Cemetery or Union Graveyard Company and legally changed to Newcomb Cemetery Association in 1954.

Old Settlers Cemetery

About 1 mile west on Route 1 from the Iron Bridge at the Thomaston-Warren line, take Woods Road to the east (right), cemetery is on the left about .4 mile from Route 1, just before reaching the river.  

This was the first cemetery in the area and was on property originally laid out by Waldo as the Meeting House Lot.  The first Presbyterian Church was located between the cemetery and the river.  

Evidently there are dozens of graves unmarked, marked with field stones or with stone missing.  

Probably used from 1736 until the inception of Town Cemetery around 1792.  

This is a walk-in cemetery only. Please park by the chained gate and walk down dirt lane to cemetery. Do not block driveway of adjacent land-owner.

Peterborough Cemetery

About 1.3 miles west from Route 1 on Sandy Shores Road and Peterboro Roads, take Woods Road south (left) about 200 yards to the cemetery.  

This cemetery has been used mostly for the local black community, which is considered to have been the largest in Maine.  Although the oldest stone dates to the 1870's, it is likely that the earliest use was in the 1820's.  There are probably well over 100 unmarked graves here and many of the people known to have lived in the community are otherwise unaccounted for.  

This has also been called the Peters, Petersburg and Peterboro Cemetery.

This is a walk-in cemetery only. Please park at the end of the avenue by Bunker Hill Road by the sign. Do not block adjacent driveways. 

Pleasantville Cemetery

Located in north Warren on the east side of Route 131, about 1.2 miles south from the Union line.  

Apparently used from the 1840's.  Probably known as the Cushman Cemetery in the past.

Prison Cemetery

State of Maine Prison Cemetery - Echo Cove Cemetery

This cemetery is located near the shore of Copeland Creek, east of the prison farm barracks off of Rt. 97.

This cemetery was started in the 1930's by moving some of the prison cemetery in Thomaston to this site. There are currently 49 burials there, 9 of which are Veterans. The cemetery is maintained by the State/prisoners. Access to the cemetery is strictly by permission only. Please contact the Bolduc Correctional Facility FMI.

Riverview Cemtery

Located to the rear and west of the Baptist Church about 100 yards north of Main Street at the top of the hill west of the village.  Also visible south of Route 90 from a point about half way between Western Road and the river.  

Probably in use from the 1820's. 

It appears that some of the more prominent village area citizens of the middle to late 1800's were buried on the tomb lot.

This cemetery is probably shown in some old records as the New Yard and has sometimes been called the Baptist cemetery.  

Sawyer Cemetery

Located in the western part of the town on the north side of Old Route 1, opposite the north end of the Stirling Road. Adjacent to the east side of the Stirling Cemetery.

In use from about 1910.

Skinner Cemetery

Located in the eastern part of town on the east side of Mountain Road about .5 mile north from Route 90. This cemetery includes the Crane Cemetery which was moved from about a mile to the south.

This is a walk-in cemetery only.

Stahl Cemetery

Situated in the southwestern part of town.  To locate, take Martin Road south from Route 1, past the Hill Road on the left.  About 200 feet beyond the Hill Road, take a seasonal woods road west (right) about .3 mile.  May be best to walk.  Cemetery on the left about 50 feet from the road, opposite from the small gravel pit.  

In previous times it was known as the Wincapaw Cemetery.  

Dates seem to range from the 1820's to the 1880's but there are evidently many graves either unmarked or marked with fieldstones which may date earlier.  

This is a walk-in cemetery only. Park on Finntown Road and walk down dirt road to cemetery. Do not block gate and use caution when parking on the road.

Starrett Cemetery

Located on north side of Middle Road about 100 yards east from the Georges River.

Apparently in use from the 1820's.

This is a walk-in cemetery only. Please use caution when parking on the road.

Stirling Cemetery

Located toward the western part of town on the north side of old Route 1 and opposite the intersection of the Stirling Road.  Adjacent to the west side of the Sawyer Cemetery.

Probably starting about the 1840's.

Town Cemetery

Due to the irregular layout of this cemetery, it has been divided into three sections and recorded mostly by rows in each section.

North Section - Located on the south side of Main Street, west of the post office and opposite the Civil War monument.  The oldest stone is dated 1792 and inscribed "The first stone in this yard."  There seems to be a number of unmarked graves.  From hearsay, most of these apparently were town paupers and it is not likely many records exist of them.  

Center Section - Located adjacent to south side of the north section.

South Section - Located adjacent to the south side of the center section.

Watts Cemetery

Located on the south side of Route 90, about 1 mile east from Route 131.  This is a small cemetery surrounded by a stone wall and the only one in this area with three granite posts at the walk-in entrance placed in a manner that would keep out larger animals.

This is a walk-in cemetery only. Please use caution when parking on Rt. 90.