About Us

The Town of Warren is situated on both sides of the St. Georges River which divides the town and village into nearly two equal parts.  It is bordered northerly by Union, easterly by Camden, Rockland and Thomaston, southerly by Cushing and westerly by Waldoboro.


The current population is 3,949 and growing as we have become a bedroom community to surrounding towns, with one of the lowest tax rates in the region.  Residents take advantage of the town's charm and convenient location.  Our recreation areas consist of two parks, three lakes and the St. George River. 


Warren attempts to balance agriculture, residential and commercial interest in the
mid-coast Maine region. 


  • Population per the 2020 census: approximately 3949
  • Number of registered voters as of 11-8-2022: 2,472
  • Total taxable property valuation 2020-2021: $319,022,880.00
  • Total taxable parcels: 2,726
  • Municipal budget for 2021-2022: $7,978,339.44
  • 2022-2023 property tax rate per $1000 of valuation: $20.00
  • Area 46.6 square miles
  • Miles of streets/roads: 71.0